PJC Board of Regents

Approves District Elections

From Margaret Ruff

At a meeting Thursday evening, Jan. 21, the Paris Junior College Board of Regents approved a call for elections in regent districts 1, 2, and 8 (an at-large position). The election will take place on Saturday, May 7.
Regents were also told that PJC continues to be a bargain in tuition and fees. 
“An annual review of statewide tuition, fees and taxes shows that PJC remains below average for in-district, out-of-district and out-of-state tuition and fees,” said PJC President Dr. Pam Anglin. “In-district is $65 per semester credit hour versus the statewide average of $82. The tax survey showed significant growth in tax rates statewide. We have the seventh smallest tax base in the state, but if you take out ‘maintenance districts’ we have the fourth smallest tax base. That is a very uncomfortable place to be when there are people at the state level looking at levels of local support in discussions of the future of the 50 community college districts.”
In other business, the Regents: