25th Annual MLK Celebration and Awards Ceremony

By Bobby McDonald


From the keynote address by Judge Morris Overstreet, of Houston, Tx, and the first African-American to be elected to a state-wide office in the State of Texas, to the Mayor of Birch Creek, W.C. Pryor, it was truly a celebration of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Monday night's 25th Annual MLK Celebration and Awards Ceremony.



Hosted by Dr. Dan Jones, President of TAMU-C, as the Master of Ceremonies, the event featured an inspirational message from Judge Overstreet... about what King meant by love, the kind of love that is referenced in the Bible of loving those that can't do anything for you, just loving them because they are God's creation. He warned that his Bible read that Adam and Eve were the founders of the human race, making each of us brothers and sisters and responsible for loving one another, in order to receive the riches and salvation offered by our Savior!


Beautiful music, recognition of numerous community leaders, welcomes by local office holders, and a reception that followed the program made for a true night of celebration and honor of the legacy that King left for us to follow!

Overstreet commended the Hopkins County and Sulphur Springs community by saying, "I can feel it in this room and from visiting with the citizens of this area, that you are far, far above most areas of the country in living the legacy of King.....However, we all know that there is still room for more work to be done!"