Notes From The Chicken Ranch.....

January 24, 2014


by: Bobby McDonald


Well, we've got a name for the second hen on The Chicken Ranch......#2, above, has been named "Fancy Nancy!"  Nancy Harmon wrote in and said that if I had one that was grey and a little bit fluffy, that I should name one after her.....this is the closest that we could come, and I think it will be a great match in personalities.....she appears to be a "fun loving" little gal and "the life of the hen house!"

And, speaking of the hen house.....I actually got two more eggs this week....that's a total of four....don't know if it's the same hen or two different hens laying, but there were two medium-sized, light brown, or "tan" eggs. For some reason the hens haven't adapted to the nesting boxes in the hen house.....they like to pull the straw from the boxes and pile it up on the floor, beneath the roost and that's where the two eggs were found.....may have to have a little bit of talk with these hens to see what's going on!!!




And, just this morning, me and one of those roosters had a "Come to Jesus" meeting....he's running around causing trouble when I let the flock out of the hen house and feed them of the morning....I've tried to run him back and that hasn't worked......he continues to "act up".....well, this morning, he acted up just one too many times....he's in isolation now and might just be a part of some Hopkins County Stew, this next week!......It's just going to be how he acts, when I let him back out!

Meanwhile, keep sending me suggestions for names, and maybe the egg production on The Chicken Ranch will "pick-up!"