Hen #1 Named "Polly Pearl"


Notes From the Chicken Ranch.....


January 30, 2014


It's been a "productive" week around the Chicken Ranch.....I've actually got seven eggs this week.....must be something to do with the "treats" I've been giving the hens.....because the weather has been bitter cold, the early part of this week.

And, we've named our third hen.....Gloria Mitchell had sent in that we had to name one of the "fiesty" ones after Polly Swatsell....well most of you know that Polly was decorating for the Lights of Life Gala, this past weekend. Well, her friends saw her amongst some tule and taffeta material that was all white and fluffy, and she was hanging beads on it, to decorate for the gala. That's when it came to them and they told me that if I had a white one that was all fluffy and fiesty that it was the one to name Polly Pearl. Well, you have it...... the name just matched this little beauty above and she's been christened "Polly Pearl!"





And, speaking of the "treats," someone suggested feeding the hens soaked oatmeal....well, I had some apple cider in the refrigerator that had been there for a couple of months so I've been soaking the oatmeal overnight in apple cider and warming it up in the microwave to feed them on these cold morning, as well as adding some table scraps to their diet of laying mash. It seems to be working, or at least it is for now....I'm getting a few eggs!

A hearty "thank you" goes out to Megan.....who put up the chickens for me on Saturday night, so I wouldn't have to run them in my tux before leaving for the gala. And, she's seen the behavior of these two "rabid" roosters here on the ranch....we've temporarily named them "Rojo" and "Rex".....we think they're probably going to be Super Bowl Stew on Sunday!!! We'll keep you posted!!!