City Manager Reports to
City Council on March Activity


From City of Sulphur Springs



STREETS, WATER AND SEWER -   Bill Bradford Road is progressing slowly but steadily.  Utilities work continues from west to east.  The road is closed to through traffic, but open to customers of the businesses located in the closed portion of the road, namely Village Pawn and Gun Shop and Sulphur Springs Floral Etc. 


This $1.4 million project includes water and sewer utilities, underground drainage on the western end of the street and complete reconstruction of the street.  Previously I reported that the street would be paved in asphalt with 500’ feet of concrete at both ends.  Staff is presently evaluating whether to construct the entire street with concrete.  We recently got a great bid on concrete on Rockdale Road, and the contractor who performed the work did a good job.  We are going to bid the job both ways and bring it to the City Council at a future meeting.


EZ MART SEWER PROJECT – At a previous meeting, the city council approved a sewer project on Mockingbird Lane between Furr’s and EZ-Mart that would divert wastewater flow from three fast food restaurants and one apartment away from the Mockingbird sewer main and toward the trunk line that parallels South Town Branch.  The new line would also carry flow from any new development south and east of Chili’s.  This project has begun, and it is progressing from east to west.  So far, we have installed 168’ of sewer line starting at the eastern boundary of the Furr’s property, and we just finished installing a manhole in the EZ-Mart driveway approach.  Next we will cross Mockingbird and continue to the west.


DAVIS/TOMLINSON PARKING LOT - Demolition has begun.  Construction will begin on the south side of the project and progress to the north.  Doing it this way will preserve some of the parking throughout the project for nearby businesses.





JEFFERSON STREET PARKING LOT - This is a County project at the northeast corner of Jefferson and Rosemont.  The new lot will have 77 spaces.  The County is constructing the lot in concrete and the City is installing lights and landscaping per our earlier agreement at the time the tax increment reinvestment zone was created.  When the County opted into the zone, the City committed to beautification of the lot when it was built.

SPRING CLEANUP – Spring cleanup is in full swing.  Saturday will be the last day.  The location is the same as previous years, ¼ mile east of Flowserve on Industrial Drive.  It is open to city residents only.  Residents should bring their water bill and ID.  Hours are from 7 am to 7 pm.  No household hazardous waste is accepted; no tires, batteries, chemicals, or anything with refrigerant in it.


CLAIMS – We had one workers’ compensation claim in March for a knee injury.  The incident has not resulted in any lost time.


We had three liability claims in March, two claiming damage to a structure from wastewater overflows and one claiming damage to an automobile from a pothole.  All three were submitted to TML.  All three were denied.


We were served one lawsuit in March.


POLICE DEPARTMENT REMODEL – This project is completed.  The Police Department has moved in, and the temporary trailers are gone.


WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT - Total suspended solids (TSS) came in at 7.74 mg/L, well within the limit of 15 mg/L.

REVENUES AND EXPENDITURES – Finance Director, Peter Karstens will present a year-to-date summary of revenues and expenditures.

Elsewhere around the city, employees: