Como-Pickton JH Track
Successful at Rivercrest Meet


From Coach Robert Snyder




Results from Monday March 7th JH Track Meet at Rivercrest


The Como-Pickton Junior High Boy’s Track Teams traveled to Rivercrest to compete in the Rivercrest Rebel Relays. 8 Teams participated in both the 8th and 7th Grade Divisions.

The completion was great and this was a good first meet for our boys. The results are as follows below.

7th Grade Boys

Meet Champions for 7th Grade Boys Division

Shot Put- Weston, Kaydon (2nd Place)

Long Jump- Ray, Cameron (5th Place), Marquez, Filipe (4th Place), Mejia, Jhonathan (2nd Place)

High Jump- Leigh-Manuel, Mitchell (5th Place), Ray, Cameron (2nd Place)

Pole Vault- Miller, Braden (2nd Place), Monk, Jackson (1st Place)

Triple Jump- Mejia, Jhonathan (6th Place), Marquez, Filipe (4th Place)

2400M Run- Alvarez, Juan (5th Place), Leigh-Manuel, Mitchell (4th Place), Tarver, Garrett (1st Place)

400M Relay- 1st Place (Mejia, Marquez, Ray, Monk)

800M Run- Toland, Treston (2nd Place)

100M Hurdles- Toland, Treston (6th Place), Ray, Cameron (1st Place)

100M Run- Mejia (3rd Place), Marquez, Filipe (2nd Place)

800M Relay- 3rd Place (Kaslon, Alvarez, Leigh-Manuel,Tarver)

400M Run- Mejia, Jhonathan (2nd Place)

300M Hurdles- Ray, Cameron (1st Place)

200M Run- Marquez, Filipe (2nd Place)

1200M Run- Alvarez, Juan (6th Place), Tarver, Garrett (3rd Place), Leigh-Manuel (2nd Place)

1600M Relay- 4th Place (Toland, Miller, Kaslon, Diaz)




8th Grade Boys


3rd Place Team in 8th Grade Boys Division


Discus- Blackburn, Brian (1st Place)

Triple Jump- Rasgado, Andrew (4th Place)

2400M Run- Rainey, Jacob (4th Place), McKeithen, Mark (1st Place)

400M Relay- 3rd Place (Rasgado, A., McPherson, H., Palacios, D., Preciado, R.)

800M Run- Estrada, Bruno (6th Place)

100M Hurdles- Preciado, ruben (5th Place), McPherson, Tanner (2nd Place)

100M Run- Rasgado, Andrew (1st Place)

800M Relay- 6th Place (Torres, A., Torres, H., DelaCruz, B., Velasco, A.)

400M Run- Blackburn, Brian (4th Place), Rasgado, Andrew (3rd Place)

300M Hurdles- McKeithen, Mark (6th Place), McPherson, Tanner (4th Place), Preciado, Ruben (2nd Place)

200M Run- McPherson, Hunter (6th Place)

1200M Run- Palacios, Ruben (1st Place)

1600M Relay- 4th Place (Torres, A., Torres, H., DelaCruz, B., Velsaco, A.)


Next Meet will be March 21st at Como-Pickton JH Track Meet.