Hopkins County Area's Newest Winery,

Della Terra Winery



by: Bobby McDonald




It's not located in Hopkins County, but you can "spit" and hit the county line!..........If you're looking for a pleasant Saturday afternoon excursion, mark down the Hopkins County area's newest winery, Della Terra Winery & Vineyard, located on the Hopkins/Rains County line, south of Arbala, on CR-3425. Owners, Deborah and David Walker, will have the welcome mat out and greet you with hospitality, wine tasting, and plenty of information about how the grow, care for, and produce the grapes that make their wine!

The Walkers moved to the farm in 2006 with plans to build the winery and vineyard, as well as raise beef cattle, chickens, and vegetables of all kinds. They planted their first grapes in 2009, and produced their first wine, this past summer and fall. They grow two kinds of grapes the white, Blanc du Bois, that is used to produce their Cool White Wine, and the Black Spanish or Lenoir, that is a red grape for the Sweet Ruby Red variety.




"We're still small and do everything the 'hard way,' when it comes to producing and harvesting our grapes," expressed Deborah, as she explained their process for last summer's harvest. "We're adding about 100 new plants each year and growing slowly to insure quality and control over our vines!"

The past year has been a real challenge, with all the rain, as the soil tests haven't been accurate and its been hard to know how to fertilize the vineyard. Deborah admitted, however, that the place where their vineyard is located was an old dairy farm and that it hasn't needed much fertilizer, just a little bit of nitrogen and magnesium.




Presently, the winery is producing two varieties of Texas wine, the Sweet Ruby Red and the Cool Crisp White, that are both sweet wines. "We have plans to add a dry white wine to our line-up, hopefully with the next harvest, in 2016, when we have more grapes!" advised Deborah.

David and Deborah Walker, owners of Della Terra Farm, Vineyard, and Winery.




Meanwhile, David tells us that he's the "tractor driver" of the operation! "If you want to know anything about raising grapes, Deborah is definitely the person to talk to!" advises David. "I'm the beef cattle man and do the 'grunt' work for the vineyard. She's the expert on growing grapes!"

Hospitality is great and you will certainly be glad that you stopped to visit with Deborah and David, and the wine is great too!

David and Deborah included the map below, to help folks find their place, and come for a visit. The winery and tasting room is only open on Saturday afternoons from 1-6 p.m. and by special appointment.







Many of you in Hopkins County probably know Deborah, as she volunteers each week at the First United Methodist Church Dinner Bell, and is active in a number of Texas AgriLife Extension activities, involving gardening, and producing vegetables. Drop by some Saturday, enjoy a glass of wine and the great hospitality at Della Terra Farm, and enjoy the newest winery in the greater Hopkins County area. And, if you're lucky, the deer will be out playing in a field nearby and you can get some awesome shots of them, as well!