Looking For A Place to Take the Kids
For Spring Break?


Athen's Texas Freshwater Fisheries
Fills the Bill of a Great Experience


by: Bobby McDonald



Editor's Note: A special thanks to my "tour guide," Mr. Mike Harris, who was a world of information about the Freshwater Fisheries Center and showed me everything available. Thanks, Mike!!!


With five fishing lakes on Lake Athens, a museum devoted to record fish and other memorabilia, and aquariums with all species of fish to feed and observe, Athens Texas Freshwater Fisheries is a the perfect place for a wonderful day of fun and excitement, as well as a great learning experience about nature, here in Northeast Texas. It's the perfect place to take your children for a day of learning and spring break!

Located less than 100 miles from Sulphur Springs, the Texas Parks and Wildlife facility is about 5 miles east of Athens.






Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center offers a wide-range of interactive exhibits, aquariums, and places for your children to learn about the fish that occupy our lakes and streams here in Northeast Texas, and you'll be surprised at the information that you'll learn, as well.



From related demonstrations on fly fishing, lures, fishing safety, and canoeing and kayaking, the Angler's Pavilion is the place to "check-out" your fishing rods.





I found the many aquariums that displayed species of fish that are in our local lakes and streams, especially interesting.














Equally interesting was the museum, that hosts replicas of many of the top fish caught in Northeast Texas lakes.








The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center is closed on Mondays, but offers an exciting opportunity six days a week for visitors of all ages. Make your plans to go for a fun day of learning and activity.







And, the gator pond was quite interesting!!!



Enjoy a Day of Fun!!!