Silver Leos Writing Guild to Hear Program
on Historic Northeast Texas Women



Dip into History; Delve into Research


by Jan Helton

What was it like “back in the olden days?”  Who were the movers and shakers of Greenville around the time of WWI?  Better yet, who were the women who made a difference in Hunt County in the first two decades of the 20th century?  As this month’s featured guest speaker for the Silver Leos Writers Guild, Carol C. Taylor, former director of the Northeast Texas Genealogy Center of Greenville and current chairperson for the Hunt County Historical Commission, will have the answers to these and other questions about the fascinating history behind the women’s clubs in Greenville during the time surrounding the First World War. 

Ms. Taylor will share her knowledge of her 30+ years of research in the areas of family, home, building, church, and community histories with the proper historical context for each. Who knows?  She could even mention your mother or your grandmother. Or your great-grandmother. Come hear for yourself!

Award-winning, multi-published, multi-degree holding author Carol Taylor is locally known for her weekly column in the Greenville Herald Banner, “Tree Climbing,” which concentrates on local history and genealogy. She has also co-authored a book titled, The Devil’s Triangle: Ben Bickerstaff, Northeast Texas, and the War of Reconstruction along with James M. Smallwood and Kenneth W. Howell.  The book details the violent struggle of Northeast Texas during the turbulent time following the Civil War.  In addition, she has recently written Greenville for the Images of America series published by Acadia Publishing. Taylor is also researcher and author of multiple historical markers in Hunt County.  Her words are embossed in bronze for all posterity!

Taylor’s bonafide interest in history, which earned her the title of Distinguished Graduate in the History Department and a Master of History Degree from TAMU-C in 2008, reaches back to middle childhood at which time she interviewed relatives, some of whom were born in the 1890s, about their lives and experiences.  She has sustained that passion to seek out the stories behind the names that would otherwise be lost to history and furthers her interest by preserving historical cemeteries.  Various genealogical groups in Texas have sought her expertise to speak to them about her research. 

Please join SLWG on Wednesday, March 9th, starting at 12:30 for refreshments in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere prior to the start of the meeting at 1:00.  Following Ms. Taylor’s intriguing presentation, members will hear readings by the authors of this month’s stories and engage in small group peer-editing and positive-directed feedback.  Meetings are held in the Alumni Center of TAMU-Commerce located on the west side of the campus on the corner of Stonewall and Bois d’ Arc streets in Commerce. The meeting will dismiss at 4 PM.



Please also join us for the upcoming Fred A. Tarpley Memorial Writers Conference to be held from 8:30-4:00 PM on Saturday, April 9th   in the Rayburn Student Center. This year’s guest writers’ line-up will include author and public speaker Jim Ainsworth, journalist and humor columnist Cindy Baker-Burnett, poet and songwriter Lanny Burnett, author and journalist Caleb Pirtle III, and author and columnist Jim Callen.

Silver Leos Writers Guild is a chapter of TAMU-C Alumni Association.  Annual dues are $20.  The Guild meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 1-4 PM. Refreshments are served from 12:30-1:00.  Those interested in honing their craft of writing, whether novices, professionals, or anywhere in between, are welcome and encouraged to visit. 

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