SSISD Board Meets Monday





A regular meeting of the Sulphur Springs ISD school board was held on Monday, April 11, 2016.




No one requested to address the Board during Public Forum.


Charlie Wilson presented an update on the auditorium renovation project.




Gina Wilder, Kathy Wright and Josh Williams reported on the spring District 15-5A UIL Academic Competitions. 


Kimberly Williams presented a report on the 2015-2016 School Health Advisory Committee activities.


Sherry McGraw presented the 2016 Budget Calendar.


Randy Reed presented TASB Local Policy Manual Update 104. The update will be presented for approval at the regular May board meeting.


Board members were given the following Head Start information items:

              -Director’s Report for March

              -Monitoring review letter


Deborah Cody, Independent Head Start Consultant, presented required annual Head Start training to school board members.




Along with routine matters, the following were approved or denied:


Approved Instructional Materials Allotment TEKS Certification Form for 2016-2017.


Approved Head Start Priority Screening Instrument.


Approved 2016-2017 members of the School Health Advisory Council.


Postponed a request to submit application for Early Head Start expansion and EHS Childcare Partnership Grant.


Denied a request to submit application for Head Start Grantee of Rains and Franklin Counties, Texas.


Approved update to local board policy FFA(LOCAL).


Approved engagement letter with Rutherford, Taylor & Company, P.C. to conduct audit services for the fiscal year ending August 31, 2016.


Approved 2016-2017 school calendar proposals.









Professional employment contracts were approved, as recommended, for the 2016-2017 school year.




Perla Molina                                  Part-time Head Start Aide                                    ECLC

Laura Cleveland                          SpEd Teacher                                                           Bowie

Yolanda Cleveland                      SpEd Aide                                                                 Bowie

Jossie Jimmerson                       SpEd Aide                                                                 Bowie

Carol Worsham                           Principal                                                                    Bowie

Delaina Russell                           Grade 1 Teacher                                                    Lamar

Maria Rivera                                 Grade 1 Bilingual Teacher                                    Travis

Brooke Doughtie                         Elem. Instructional Technology Spec                 SS Elementary

Maria Rodriguez                         Grade 3 Bilingual Teacher                                    SS Elementary

Angeles Yanez                            Title I Aide                                                                 SS Elementary

Diane Shipley                                7th Gr. ELA Teacher                                               Middle School

Marisha Harris                                          Science Teacher                                                    High School

Allison Irvin                                    SpEd Teacher/Coach                                             High School

Johnny Irvin                                  SpEd Teacher/Coach                                             High School

Sandra McAndrew                      Counselor                                                                  High School

Stacie Yarbrough                        Science Teacher                                                    High School



New Personnel


Josh Williams                                Asst. Supt. Secondary Ed/State &                     Admin Bldg

                                                        Federal Programs

Veronica Arnold                          Director of Food Services                                    Admin Bldg


Michelle Wallace                         Principal                                                                    Travis Primary


Christina Shadix                          SpEd Teacher                                                           Bowie

Natalie Martino                            Trainer                                                                         Middle School

Justin Maness                               SpEd Teacher/Coach                                             High School



Personnel Change                    New position/campus                          Former position/campus                    

Mariana Hernandez                    Pre-K Bilingual/ECLC                               Grade 2 Bilingual/Travis

Kaley Perry                                   Science/High School                                SpEd Aide/Middle School