Sulphur Bluff Track & Field Results


From Coach Bates



The Sulphur Bluff JH and HS Track teams are off to a good start.  This past week both groups ran at the Cooper Invitational.  There  were a lot of bigger schools and tough competition.  High School competed on Thursday.  Makala Covington finished 4th in the Pole Vault and 6th in the Triple Jump.  Thomas Coberley won silver in the Long Jump.  Joe Forshee placed 6th in the Shot Put, Turner South finished the 3200 in 4th place, and Ethan Brown placed 5th in the 300 Hurdles.  

The Junior High competed on Friday.  Ann Dorner won the gold in the Discus.  We placed 5th and 6th in the Triple Jump.  Diana Rosas finished 5th with Audrey Wilemon finishing right behind in 6th place.  Angel Brown placed 5th in the Shot Put, Alley Collett was 4th in the 400, and Irma Garza placed 6th in the 300 Hurdles.  Our 800 Meter Relay finished 4th.  The members of the relay are Irma Garza, Trinity Roberts, Alley Collett, and Ann Dorner. The boys also competed very well.  Ricky Taylor won the gold in Shot Put.  In the Pole Vault, Shane Johnson finished 4th while Montana Hurley finished 5th.





This past Monday the Junior High boys traveled to Union Hill to compete.  Again we had a very good showing.  Rick Taylor won the Shot Put for the second consecutive week. Tony Skeen won the silver in the High Jump.  In the Discus Ricky Taylor finished second while Brandon Branom finished 5th.  In the Pole Vault Shane Johnson finished 3rd while Montana Hurley finished 4th.  Trayton South finished 4th and Ryan Vance finished 6th in the Triple Jump.  In the 2400 Shane finished 5th and Eli Ham was right behind him in 6th place.  In the 200 Meter dash Ricky Taylor placed 5th.  In the 1600 Shane Johnson placed 5th and Montana Hurley was 6th.  We also ran 2 of the Relays.  In the 400 Meter Relay we placed 4th.  Team members were Shane Johnson, Trayton South, Tony Skeen, and Ricky Taylor.  In the 800 Meter Relay we placed 5th.  Team members were Eli Ham, Ricky Taylor, Montana Hurley, and Trayton South.

The Junior High Girls were suppose to run at Union Hill on Tuesday but due to the weather their meet was cancelled.  This is the same for the High School who was suppose to run Thursday in Rivercrest.  Junior High’s next track meet will be at Como-Pickton on March 21, and High School will travel to Union Hill on March 24.    

Again I am very proud of all the effort that I have seen so far this year.