Frontporchnewstexas Travel Series


by: Bobby McDonald


Looking for a place to go? Well, we bring you another installment in the Frontporchnewstexas Travel Series of places that people read their news from Front Porch News Texas. Regardless of where you live, you can get your latest news from Hopkins County, on Front Porch News Texas, and the many, many places around the world, that people do that, provides for some interesting places for you (and us) to travel and learn about!  Check these places out:


(And, remember, if you live in one of these places and have some more interesting facts about life and things to do there, please give us a shout! We'd love to hear from you!)



Philadelphia, Mississippi


Philadelphia, Mississippi, is the county seat of Neshoba County, the hometown of many Hopkins County immigrants to this area, following the Civil War. You can go to the phone book and the cemeteries and find McKay, Bowie, McDonald, Stribling, Gamblin, and other names, just as here in Hopkins County.

And, Neshoba County is home to the Neshoba County Fair, one of the oldest county fairs in the U.S., that was begun in 1889. The fair is termed "Mississippi's Giant Houseparty" and uniquely features family owned cabins, on the fairgrounds, where families come and stay for up to two weeks during the fair dates, each July, in their private cabins, visiting with other families, and enjoying a great celebration. The fair also features a racetrack since 1922, where daily Harness Races are conducted for your pleasure.

This year's Neshoba County Fair is scheduled for July 22-29, 2011.

Neshoba County also offers the Choctaw Indian Nation Casino, for your gambling pleasure, if that's your form of entertainment.
And, the Choctaw Indian Fair is held annually in Neshoba County, during the summer. This year's fair dates include July 13-16, 2011, and will be the 62nd Annual event.


Another "star" attraction in Neshoba County, Mississippi, is the Dancing Rabbit Creek Golf Course. The course is one of the nicest in the world and features a number of year-round golfing activities. Go on-line for all of the scheduled events.


Dancing Rabbit Golf Club -  Driving Range

For history, gambling, shopping, and golfing, make Philadelphia, Mississippi, a destination for travel.







Cotton Valley, Louisiana



Located in Central Webster Parish, Louisiana, and having a population of 1189, Cotton Valley is located northwest of Minden, Louisiana, and is home to the Marlon Pope Special Learning Center. Named for a former member of the Webster Parish School Board, the learning center is a pilot school for multi-handicapped children and operates under the Biblical mission, "When you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto Me!"

Located in a beautiful rural area of Northeastern Louisiana, the town of Cotton Valley was hit by a 1947 tornado, on New Year's Day, that killed 18 people, injuring many others, and destroying many homes. The town rebuilt the damaged area and continues to thrive. It is home to the Cotton Valley Wildcats and proud of the rich history and heritage that it bears in Northeastern Louisiana.

The Cotton Valley Baptist Church.





Pierre, South Dakota


State Capitol Building in Pierre, South Dakota.


Pierre, South Dakota, population 13,646, in the 2010 census, is the state capital of South Dakota, but still a small town, and is located in Hughes County. It was founded in 1880, on the Missouri River, opposite Fort Pierre, and has been the state capital since the formation of the state of South Dakota, in November 1889.


Roughlock Falls, located near Pierre, South Dakota.



The town of Pierre lies on rough river banks and bluffs, overlooking the river, and nearby is Lake Oahe, one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. Lake Oahe is noted for its outstanding fishing and is a popular tourist destination, if you like to fish.

Pierre has a relatively dry climate, but has long cold winters, so you might plan to travel there in the summer, spring, and autumn. Winter usually lasts from Mid-October thru early May. You can reach Pierre via airlines that provide non-stop service to Denver and Watertown.

Pierre is located in a scenic agricultural and ranching area of South Dakota, and affords what those living there term "a sample of life in South Dakota!"


Fishing is one of the major recreational venues at Lake
Oahe or one of the nearby state parks.