Yantis High School "Love Letters"


From the Sophomore English Class at Yantis High School




Martha, oh Martha

My love for you so strong out here in the fields

Where i feel like i dont belong

I look up at the moon,

Hoping your doing the same

I really really love you

who am i to blame

Remember those years

when we were out to college?

How the days go by…

Iwish i could have paused it.

The things us men carry

all the weight on our backs

The burden,The weight,

The unwanted facts,

Now im out here with these men,fighting for our lifes..

Wishing we were back at home,with our future wifes.

This pain i am feeling being so far away.

I look at your picture

to take it all away,

Martha, oh Martha

its time for me to go

my love for you will never die,

and you must know so.

By Alexxus Williams








Dear baby boy

    I can’t wait till you can come down this summer, we can go out into the collard green patch and reenact all are favorite books and movies. This summer we might actually find out what Boo Radley really looks like wouldn’t that be an amazing to see him in the flesh. I can’t wait to see my future husband i wish you could live right here by us everyday of the year you would never have to leave! Did you here Mrs. Radley passed away last week ?  It’s like nobody even cared that she passed away. Also Atticus started defending someone in court his name is Tom i asked him if he thinks that they will win he said no but you have to take your licks and the hardships in your jobs that make you who you are.  


By: Elijah Sublett









My heart is cold

but when you arrive

My heart is nothing but gold

I’m bitter by myself

but with you

My bitterness turns to sweetness

My day are gloomy

but while I talk to you

My day turns a zoomy oasis

and that is why I say

“Roses are red

Violets are blue

I love you”


By: Jeffery Dalton











Dear Martha


        Sorry it been so long for me to respawn to you  my life has change since last time i seen you. I am a war man now i killed a few people and lost a few people the war changes you i the long time it take to get yets to. I should have not went to war i should have stand home and live in Canada so i wouldn't call myself a coward for going to war but i sent a whole six days thinking about the draft and if i should dodge it or go to war but i didn't want to disappoint anyone if i made the wrong decision. So i guess this is farewell and goodbye for ever!


By: Seth Levy