Yantis High School Love Letters (2)



From Sophomore English Students at Yantis High School






Dear Jimmy

I can’t wait for you to come home.I miss you with all heart, so when you gone it’s like my heart gone too. I can’t do anything with thinking about you. I tried everything to get you off my mind, but it’s impossible. You literal my everything. I think about maybe if you wasn’t drafted, but if you wasn’t I would have never know how much i truly love you. I miss our fun times, like when we went to the movies, or anywhere as long as I was with you. I will never forget our times together; but most important I will never forget you. I’m so sorry for never treating how I should of. I’m just want to let you know i miss, and I don’t know what I would do without you.No matter how far away you are, I will always love and miss you.

Love, Martha


(Sierra Hollinquist)







Dear John,

I’m sorry I haven’t spoken to you lately.  I send my deepest love to you. I Love you and miss you so much. I have almost gotten my bachelor's degree in Medical Science and I have gotten my bachelor's degree in Agriculture. Your mom sends her best wishes to you and your dad sends his love. We all can’t wait to see you soon very soon John. I have 1 more year of college, so by the time you come home from war I will be out of college. Noodles says hey and everyone else is so glad that you will be home soon especially  for Christmas. I should let you go, but I will write soon. I love you John.



xoxo your sweetheart

written by: Alexus Haught







Dear Martha,

    We have know each other for quite a long time, and this could be the last time I write to you even though it’s sudden I wanted to tell you in advance that were going into Than Khe and I might not make it out alive. I had to stop writing but we are now about to march. Do not worry I will write how it turned out. This is Stilies,Jimmy’s friend, I am very sorry he has died in battle. It was dark and we were taking fire from all sides we thought we would never see the end of this. The men needed medical attention it would have to be now or never. So Jimmy decided that he would go to the other side and help the wounded. As he was almost across Jimmy was then shot in his hip. He had told me before how he was writing to you and he said if he does not make then I was going to have to run back to camp. At that moment he spoke it was faint but he said, “ Run! and take the letter and make sure Martha knows how much I love her.” I had told him I don’t want to be a coward. He made me run and I am sitting here remembering how all he would do is talk about how much he loves you. Sorry for this news. You have my condolences.


                    Jimmy Cross and Stilies Mccoy

(Zachery Shearer)